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Unveiling ‘Learn & Earn’: A Financial Literacy Game by Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan!

It is Financial Literacy Month! The primary goal of Financial Literacy Month is to raise awareness about the importance of financial education and empower individuals to make informed financial decisions.

Financial Literacy Month brings celebration and education! Today, let’s dive into an amazing initiative’s origin story that’s making learning about money fun and interactive.

We recently caught up with Theresa Tavares, Communications & Events Coordinator from Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan. Theresa is part of the team supporting innovative programs focusing on advancing adult, children, family, and financial literacy. Despite our geographical distance, we’re excited to join forces and shine a light on these incredible initiatives in our communities.

Our chat centered around a fascinating board game – ‘Learn & Earn.’ It’s the evolution of an earlier version called ‘Books & Slides,’ geared toward family literacy but now revamped to spotlight financial literacy. Theresa explained how this game sparks conversations about managing money, setting goals, and dealing with life’s financial challenges.

What’s cool about this game? It flips setbacks into learning opportunities. Theresa pointed out that just like in real life, hiccups aren’t failures; they’re stepping stones to keep progressing.

Theresa also shared about their family literacy event ‘Payday Playday’ and their program ‘Play Money.’ These events bring families together to talk about money in interactive and educational ways.

Foundations Learning’s impact in Saskatchewan is vast. Theresa stressed the importance of partnerships in their work to ensure those who are underserved in their community can access their services.

We’re thrilled that Foundations Learning have shared the ‘Learn & Earn’ game with us, which you can download HERE. Organizations like Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan drive positive change within our communities. Let’s keep the learning and collaboration going!

Foundations Learning also has a large version of the ‘Books & Slides’ game that they take to events. You can see it pictured in the cover photo.

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