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Unlocking Opportunities: Our Brand Refresh

Literacy Unlimited is a volunteer-driven nonprofit dedicated to improving English language literacy among adults in our community. For more than forty years, our commitment has been unwavering. We’ve bridged gaps by providing essential skills training and free one-on-one English tutoring, all thanks to the generosity of our fantastic volunteer tutors and supportive donors.

Revamping Our Look: The Brand Refresh Story

The change was long overdue. Our old logo, portraying an opening book, often looked more like a rainbow to most people. And those colours? They seemed better suited for kids than the adults we serve.

One team stood out after talking with various literacy groups and branding experts: Trajectory. They understood our vision best. Their portfolio boasts impressive works like United for Literacy’s new brand (previously Frontier College), the Toronto Public Library, the Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation, and even the Scotia Bank Giller Prize! It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Trajectory team.

The Power of Literacy: Why it Matters

Literacy isn’t just about reading words; it’s about unlocking opportunities. It empowers individuals to understand, communicate, and navigate life’s complexities. From job applications to managing finances and accessing vital services, literacy is the key that opens doors.

At Literacy Unlimited, our mission is crystal clear: we’re dedicated to ensuring English-speaking adults in the West Island have the literacy skills they need for success. We’re making a real difference in the West Island through personalized tutoring and community workshops.

Embracing Change: Our Fresh New Look

We turned to you, our incredible supporters, volunteers, community partners, staff, and learners for guidance. Your valuable feedback in the survey we sent out in June inspired our brand makeover! Our new logo and style keep the original’s positivity, inclusivity, and diversity, but now clearly reflect our strong connection to literacy. It’s like a fresh start that makes us feel modern and ready to conquer new horizons!

Coming Soon: Our Amazing New Website

Hold on to your hats because we’ve got something exciting coming your way—a fantastic new website! Launching in just a few weeks, it’ll seamlessly integrate our updated brand elements. This website will showcase our services, success stories, and ways to engage or support our cause. And guess what? It’ll be accessible to everyone, ensuring easy access to essential literacy resources.

Moving Forward: Making a Real Difference

This makeover isn’t just about looks. It’s a loud declaration that literacy is the key to success. We’re determined to improve and reach even more adults in our community. Our aim is simple: unlocking incredible opportunities through literacy. We’re thrilled to have you join us on this exciting journey!

So, stay tuned and keep an eye out for our fantastic new website. Together, let’s unlock a brighter future through literacy!

Unlocking literacy. Unlocking potential. 
Literacy Unlimited—success unlocked.

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