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Family Literacy: The Key to Boosting Kids’ School Performance and Communication Skills

What’s Family Literacy?

Family literacy is about parents, grandparents, and the whole family boosting their reading and writing game together. When grown-ups read to kids and mix it up with cool literacy activities, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Family literacy means more than just reading books! It includes writing, playing games, and even cooking together. We’ve gathered activities for different ages, which you can check out here.

Why It Matters

  1. Fun and Togetherness: Reading together rocks! Sharing stories, laughing, and diving into book adventures bring everyone closer.
  2. Learning and Expanding: Reading is a knowledge party! It levels up your word game, helps you grasp different ideas, and lights up your imagination. Plus, reading as a family means learning from each other and sharing your discoveries.
  3. School Swagger: When families read together, kids usually do better in school. Reading together sharpens reading skills, makes lessons easy-peasy, and sets the stage for rocking different subjects.
  4. Chat Champ Skills: Talking about stories and sharing thoughts with the family improves your chatting and listening skills. It’s like unlocking superpowers to express ideas and get what others are saying.
  5. Love for Reading: Reading with the family ignites a love for books. When you see the family enjoying stories, you’ll want more of that fun too!

Family Literacy Stats (thanks to ABC Life Literacy)

  • Kids are outside school way more than inside, so parents need to gear up to support their learning (The Read-Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease, 2006).
  • Kids with parents into family literacy usually rock those reading tests! (The Effect of Family Literacy Interventions On Children’s Acquisition of Reading: From Kindergarten to Grade 3, Conducted by Monique Sénéchal for the National Center for Family Literacy, 2006).
  • A year of parental education does more for kids’ college plans than a truckload of cash (Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, 2011).
  • Moms’ reading skills are a big deal for their kids’ school success (National Institute of Health, 2010). It is more importnat than where they live or what they earn.
  • Parents’ reading habits decide how much kids read: 57% of bookworm kids have parents reading 5–7 days a week, while only 15% of less bookish kids have similar parent habits (Kids and Family Reading Report – Scholastic, 2017).
  • Kids with parents low on reading skills start school with a big word gap compared to their pals (The Case for Investment in Adult Basic Education, Kevin Morgan, Dr. Peter Waite, Michele Diecuch, March 2017).
  • Nearly 40% of Canadian kids don’t rock suitable reading skills (TD Canada Trust, Literacy Matters: A Call to Action).

January: Family Literacy Month & Family Literacy Day

We’ve teamed up with the Pointe-Claire Public Library, Projet Communautaire de Pierrefonds (PCP), and The Tea Pot to bring you a range of family literacy events in January. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events or stay tuned to our latest blog posts to see what exciting plans we have in store for the year!

Our highlight of the month is our Tic-Tac-Toe Reading Challenge. Learn more here.

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