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Uncovering the Power of Literacy: A Chat with Julia Asselstine and Treldon on CJAD’s ‘Life Unrehearsed’ Show 

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Life can be quite an adventure, full of surprises and challenges. On the “Life Unrehearsed” show, hosted by the curious Matt Del Vecchio on CJAD, you get to explore the twists and turns of life.  In last Sunday’s episode, Matt had the pleasure of hosting two special guests from Literacy Unlimited. Julia Asselstine, the Executive Director, and Treldon, a dedicated learner, joined Matt to talk about the importance of literacy.

Julia Asselstine: Bringing Light to Literacy

Julia and Matt discussed how a parent’s education can impact a child’s success in school. Right now, about 20% of grade 3 students have trouble reading at their grade level. Many Canadian adults (60%) and seniors (88%) find it difficult to understand health information. This can make following doctor’s instructions or communicating about health issues challenging.

Julia explained that literacy isn’t just about reading and writing. Improving your literacy skills can open doors to better opportunities, boost your confidence, and help you grow as a person

Treldon’s Journey: Beating the Challenges

But the show wasn’t just about numbers and facts. Treldon, a learner at Literacy Unlimited, shared his personal story. Treldon is working hard to overcome his difficulties with reading and writing. He talked about the bravery it took to ask for help and how Literacy Unlimited changed his life.

Treldon first learned about Literacy Unlimited on CJAD, but it took some time before he gathered the courage to call. As a kid, he struggled with school and basic reading and writing. He decided to contact Literacy Unlimited to become more independent and improve his skills.

With the help of a tutor, Treldon gained confidence, applied for a better job, earned certifications, and became better at handling work-related documents. He also became more involved with his family, helping his kids with homework and playing games.

Treldon also mentioned that the Literacy Unlimited program is flexible and can adapt to real-life challenges.

Listening to Treldon’s story, it’s clear that literacy is about more than just reading; it’s about feeling good about yourself and fully participating in life.

Treldon’s final message is simple: Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you struggle with reading or writing. Literacy Unlimited is a free program that can make a big difference in your life. As Treldon says, it changed his life for the better.

Listen to the interview
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