Literacy Unlimited believes in “Literacy for All,” which we support with our free one-on-one custom tutoring for adults who want to improve their English literacy.

We are volunteer-driven, community-focused, and dedicated to changing lives through improved adult literacy.

If you want to support adults improve their English literacy in the West Island, you can:

  • Donate
  • Help us fundraise
  • Become a corporate sponsor
  • Host a literacy workshop in your office

Improving my literacy allows me to be free. It gives me the confidence to interact more with my kids if they need help. For example, the other day my daughter asked me about a word and we looked it up together to find its meaning. I enjoy reading a fun magazine called Owl with the kids at bedtime. Literacy is the key. 


Donate to Literacy Unlimited

Individual sponsors can help us in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Sponsor a learner
  • Support our Basic Tutor Training Workshop
  • Support our on-site library
  • Sponsor printing of materials and pamphlets
  • In memory of a loved one

Become a Corporate Sponsor at Literacy Unlimited

We offer corporate sponsorship opportunities for our:

  • Adult literacy program
  • Continuing education support program
  • Fundraisers
  • Community Libraries
  • Family literacy initiatives
  • Senior programs
  • Other

Find out how you can help our community. Call us at 514-694-0007 or send us an email.