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Success Unlocked: Skills for Success Day

Nearly one out of every two Canadians has low literacy. This situation raises an important question: do these individuals have the necessary skills for today’s jobs?

Today is Skills for Success Day. It is a yearly event highlighting the essential skills you need to succeed in school, work, and life. These skills aren’t just for one group – they are the tools that help everyone grow in every part of life: employers, employees, teachers, leaders, and communities.

Skills for Success, as defined by the Canadian government, include reading, writing, math, using computers, solving problems, talking with others, working together, being flexible, and coming up with new ideas. These skills are the foundation for everything else you want to do.

But why are these skills essential? 

These skills are like keys that open doors to work, learning and life. They help you figure out complicated stuff at work, keep up with changes, and do well even when things get tough.

When businesses help their employees improve these skills, they see significant benefits. According to the Canadian Apprenticeship Foruma company can get back $1.38 for every dollar spent on training.

Even small investments in improving these skills can make a big difference. It helps employees do their jobs better, keeps them employed, and reduces mistakes and waste (UPSKILL Health – Technical Report on worker and business outcomes: Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, 2016).

Skills and the Trades

You might think those jobs are all about hands-on stuff, but having these Skills for Success is just as important. In fact, for most trade jobs, you need to be just as skilled – or even more so – than in many other types of work.

At Literacy Unlimited, we’re here to help. We offer free one-on-one tutoring to adults living in the West Island and nearby areas who want to get better at reading and writing in English. We help our learners improve their Skills for Success to help them tackle life’s challenges and reach their dreams.

 We can create a future where success is within everyone’s reach. 📚✨🌟 

Thank you to ABC Life Literacy for providing the information for this post.

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