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Social Teatime for seniors in the West Island

Seniors and Socialization

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Why be social?

As a senior, being social helps you emotionally, intellectually, and physically. When you are social, you create relationships. You are less isolated and lonely. You are less sad or anxious. Your heart is healthier. Seniors have lower literacy skills compared to other age groups. Are you a senior? Do you have low literacy? This should not stop you from being social! 

New Seniors Program at Literacy Unlimited

Literacy Unlimited has a new seniors program with weekly literacy-friendly workshops. What does literacy-friendly mean? Registration is simple. The workshops do not focus on reading and writing. Our workshops help seniors be social and learn new things.

West Island seniors 55 years and older can join. You do not have to be a Literacy Unlimited member.

Take a grocery store tour, get technology help, learn to cook new dishes, strengthen your body, or organize your home! Evonne says the senior events “opened the door for many subjects.” She says, “You have a choice.” As you can see, there are many workshop choices.

I wish I could go every day.

D.H., senior learner
Image showing Literacy Unlimited's Social Teatime for seniors

First Social Teatime

Our first event, Social Teatime, was January 24. Learners, tutors, and volunteers joined Social Teatime. It is every month in the Literacy Unlimited office. Enjoy drinks and snacks. Chat, relax, laugh, and meet new people. Social Teatime is very popular. D. H. says, “I enjoyed it and had fun. It is nice. I wish I could go every day.” 

Join us for our next Social Teatime

The next Social Teatime is February 14 from 1:00-2:00pm. We will celebrate Valentine’s Day. Dress in red, pink, or white! We will enjoy Valentine-themed snacks and talk about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated.

Future Social Teatime dates are March 14, April 18, May 9, and June 13. We welcome you!

How to join our Seniors Program

Are you 55+? Do you want to learn more about our seniors program? If yes, contact Suzanne at Literacy Unlimited. Suzanne is the Special Projects Coordinator for Seniors. Her email is

You can also sign up below.

Our seniors program is thanks to a grant from the Grace Dart Foundation.

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