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Rocking Community Leadership On the West Island

Kim: The Compassionate Leader of On Rock Community Services

Nestled in the heart of the West Island of Montreal, Kim Reid, along with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, has been quietly making a tremendous impact on lives and communities since 1989 with On Rock Community Services. Their mission: to combat food insecurity and build a brighter, fairer future for those in need.

Empathy in Action

Kim’s journey as a community leader and advocate for those facing food insecurity is a remarkable testament to the power of empathy. On Rock has emerged as a beacon of hope for many West Island residents. Their steadfast commitment to providing nutritious food to individuals and families facing food scarcity profoundly impacts the lives of over 300 families a week (about 1,200 people).

Kim’s involvement in the world of charity began with a drop-in center for youth, a place where they could feel safe. However, his path took a new direction when an elderly woman who used to provide food baskets for around 30 people each week asked Kim for a space to distribute food. With a heart as big as the moon, Kim agreed immediately and set up wood planks across the pool table in the youth center for food basket distribution. As the weeks went on, the elderly lady visited less frequently, but Kim couldn’t bear to leave the customers without food, so he continued her mission. That was over three decades ago.

The On Rock Difference

On Rock isn’t just your typical food bank; it’s a community hub that nurtures a sense of belonging. Kim’s leadership has been instrumental in this transformation. He understands that those grappling with food insecurity often face complex challenges beyond just hunger.

Kim, alongside the On Rock team of staff and volunteers, has crafted a welcoming space where people can access healthy food and find a sense of belonging. It’s not just about providing a meal; it’s about extending dignity, respect, and the opportunity for individuals to connect with their community. He even established a small restaurant called “Le Spot” next to the food shelter, offering food for marginalized communities at prices they can afford. With Wi-Fi, music, and a vintage Harley Davidson décor, it’s a fun and relaxed space to socialize. And next door his daughter has set up a thrift store called Thrift-it—a welcoming space to purchase affordable clothing.

A Vision for the Future

Kim’s dedication to community engagement lies at the heart of On Rock’s success. He actively collaborates with volunteers, donors, and local businesses to ensure that no one must go to bed hungry. But his vision for On Rock goes beyond the present. He envisions a West Island where food insecurity is eliminated, and every individual can thrive. His commitment inspires those around him, creating a ripple effect of kindness and support that leaves a lasting impact.

Kim’s next project: build a grocery store where people can choose their food instead of being handed a box of food. “We know that empowering people through choice can inspire even more dignity,” says Kim.

Community Collaboration

On Rock is also collaborating with Literacy Unlimited to distribute information about our services and resources. Low literacy can often go unnoticed within marginalized communities. With the support of organizations like On Rock, we can identify and assist as many people as possible in enhancing their literacy levels, ultimately helping them even further regain their sense of dignity.

Kim and the On Rock team are a beacon of hope, demonstrating that empathy and dedication can indeed make a world of difference. We thank you On Rock for all you do!!

If you would like more information about On Rock Community Services or are interested in helping to fund their grocery store project, please visit

Food Literacy

Food literacy is essential for making informed, healthy choices, and it helps individuals develop the skills to plan, prepare, and enjoy nutritious meals. Too many households struggle to access an adequate and consistent supply of affordable, nutritious food.

Upcoming Food Literacy Workshop

Power of Good Food on Good Health (Unlimited Seniors Club)

Join Literacy Unlimited’s Unlimited Seniors Club at this workshop in December and learn how to eat to stay healthy and why disease happens. Hands-on workshop with Nevine Elchibini, nutritional wellness expert. More info on this link.

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