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Do you want to improve your reading and writing skills?

If you live in or near the West Island, we can help you.

We offer tutoring:

  • It is FREE!
  • You will have your own tutor.
  • You will meet your tutor for 2 hours each week.
  • You can meet online or in-person.
  • You will go at your pace.
  • Your tutor will help you reach your goals.

Phone us at 514-694-0007.

Or fill out this form so we can call you!


“I think I feel a little more confident. Every bit of knowledge is a plus.”

“People understand me. I am reading more easily. Now I have the confidence to participate more easily at work in conversations.”

“My tutor doesn’t judge me. She gives encouragement when I am doubting myself. It is positive encourage and gives me energy.”

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