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The Literacy Helpline is a FREE service that offers help and information for tasks that involve reading, writing, and digital skills. English-speaking Quebecers can call 1-888-521-8181 to get help.

What kind of help can you get? The Helpline provides assistance to adults who speak English and are 16 years old. We can help with things like:

Printing forms and important information.

Understanding written instructions, including health and government materials.

Finding information online, even if you don’t have internet at home.

Getting information that might be hard to find.

Becoming more confident using a computer, tablet, or cell phone for everyday tasks like online meetings (Zoom, FaceTime), shopping, or banking.

Improving your reading and writing skills.

The Helpline is a collaborative project managed by Literacy Quebec. Literacy Quebec connects English-speaking adults with a network of literacy organizations in Quebec. The Literacy Helpline gets support from the Secretariat for relations with English-speaking Quebecers.

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