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Literacy Unlimited is here to help people gain important skills for understanding and communicating in today’s world. We offer:

Adult Literacy

Free one-on-one tutoring to adults who want to improve their English language reading, writing, numeracy, and other essential skills. Learn more.

Tutor Training

Our thorough training provides our volunteer tutors with the tools, skills, and confidence to create a custom learning program tailored to the learner. Learn more.

Family Literacy

We distribute family literacy kits and books for young readers,. We also run workshops and special events. We partner with schools and community organizations. Learn more.

Seniors Programs

Literacy-friendly workshops events, and information for seniors in the community and with community partners. Learn more.

Community Collaborations

Partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and volunteers create a supportive network. This enhances the impact of our programs, helps them to understand why literacy matters and to recognize low literacy. This includes small-scale mini-libraries in local organizations, literacy kits, community workshops and more.

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