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Love Literacy Day

On Valentine’s Day, we celebrated a love for literacy.

On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we asked you to share books about love that you love. We also recently asked our volunteers and learners what books they loved. So here it is:

The Literacy Unlimited LOVE Book Shelf

Robert Munsch: Love You Forever
“The first book that I think of is “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch. I have gifted this book to so many friends with newborns. It is about the love parents have for their child and the child for their parents.”

Sandra Boynton: Snuggle Puppy, a Little Love Song

Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak: I Love you Through and Through
“Read this one over, and over, and over, and over in our house.”

Oge Mora: Thank You Omu!

Khalil Gibran: The Prophet
“Probably my #1 for everything since I’m 19.”

Mem For and Julie Vivas: Wilfred Gordon Mcdonald Partridge
“It’s wonderful. A small boy helps the seniors in a residence remember their favorite things! If you are a teacher, this book has a lot of discussion and activity ideas to go with after reading it with a group.”

Suzanne Kamata: Bake Sale
“We’re partial to our first HiLo romance Bake Sale by Suzanne Kamata. We just realized a free accompanying lesson plan for adult literacy classrooms today.”

Anthony Doerr: Cloud Cuckoo Land

Anne Tyler: French Braid

Min Jin Lee: Pachinko

Joanna Goodman: The Home for Unwanted Girls

A please feel free to use the comment suggestion below to add your favourite books about love. <3

A gift for you – a Literacy Unlimited Poem

Every month, Literacy Unlimited learners and volunteers can post a message on our electronic message board. For Valentine’s Day this month, we asked our members to tell us about something they LOVE! We used their entries to write a Love Poem.

A Literacy Unlimited Poem

And speaking of love…

Book launch for Catherine McKenzie’s new Rom-Com (as Katie Wicks)

Book launch for Hazel Fine Sings Along

Join Literacy Unlimited at the official book launch for Catherine McKenzie’s (as Katie Wicks) new book: Hazel Fine Sings Along. You can read more here.

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