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Literacy Unlimited Volunteers

Literacy Unlimited Volunteer Tutor: Carolyn Stevens

Carolyn Stevens has been a volunteer tutor with Literacy Unlimited since 2018. During this time, she has worked with the same learner. And boy are we excited to share that her learner achieved a major goal – passing the driver’s license exam! Her learner shared so many things she appreciates about Carolyn:

She’s a big help. She helped me pass my driver’s test. I’m very happy with Carolyn. I’m happy about everything!

Carolyn did not let COVID stop her tutoring sessions. She and her learner continued to meet during this time. They dropped off learning materials in mailboxes and talked on the phone. Also, Carolyn attended Tutors and Tea to learn new skills and meet other volunteer tutors. Tutors and Tea is a fun time to exchange ideas and hear stories from other tutors. Carolyn’s patience and joy of teaching are evident when you see her talk about her time at Literacy Unlimited and her learner.

Literacy Unlimited and therapy dogs workshopNot only is Carolyn a one-on-one tutor, but she also volunteers in other ways. First, she helped develop what is now the Unlimited Seniors Club. Back then, it was called the New Horizons Classes for Seniors/Let’s Get Together. She participated in focus groups, set up classes, assisted with the design of the program, helped with ongoing development, and confirmed materials and themes were appropriate for the senior learners. Second, Carolyn volunteers for the Unlimited Seniors Club’s Social Teatime and Tech Help workshops. Her therapy dog, Breeze, was a highlight when she visited Social Teatime at the Literacy Unlimited office. We learned about therapy animals and their roles, thanks to them. Lastly, Carolyn’s smile and warm personality are an asset at outreach events. Suzanne, Literacy Unlimited staff, had such a fun time working the Literacy Unlimited table at the Seniors Fest last October with Carolyn. Lots of laughter at our table!

Carolyn has done so much for Literacy Unlimited. We are truly grateful for all that she has done.

Sadly, Carolyn is moving out East shortly. We wish Carolyn all the best as she pursues new adventures on Prince Edward Island. Carolyn said,

I would just like to say that it has been an absolute pleasure to have been a member of such a lovely team of volunteers and administrators. I hope to find another such organization in PEI to continue helping in this way.”

We know Carolyn makes a difference in the literacy cause here on the West Island. Now, Carolyn, it’s time to make a difference on PEI! We will miss you!

If you are interested in volunteering at Literacy Unlimited and making a difference in someone’s life, please check out our volunteer section.

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