Literacy Helpline


The Literacy Helpline is a FREE service that provides information and support for tasks that require reading, writing and/or digital literacy skills. English-speaking Quebecers can call 1-888-521-8181 for assistance.

What kinds of support are offered?

Support is offered to English-speaking adults (16+) in Quebec who need help to:

  • Print forms and essential information
  • Understand written instructions, including health and other government information
  • Get information online when they don’t have the internet at home
  • Seek information that may be difficult to access
  • Click with confidence – learn to use a computer, tablet, or cell phone to safely complete daily tasks, i.e. access services or programs online (Zoom, Facetime, online shopping, banking, etc.)
  • Improve their reading and writing skills

The Helpline is a collaborative project hosted by Literacy Quebec to connect English-speaking adults with the provincial network of literacy organizations. The Literacy Helpline is supported by the Secretariat for relations with English-speaking Quebecers.