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Literacy Unlimited's Unlimited Seniors Club for 55+

Keeping Active: Unlimited Seniors Club

Our Unlimited Seniors Club was a roaring success! The Unlimited Seniors Club is a positive place for seniors who want to boost their quality of life and is open to all seniors, no matter what their literacy level. We offered workshops with local community organizations and in-house. The club will be back again in the Fall with more workshops, but read below for a review of what we offered these last few months.

The Unlimited Seniors Club began in January 2023 for seniors 55+. It was thanks to a grant from the Grace Dart Foundation. The club is a social place for all seniors, no matter their literacy level. We offer seniors unlimited opportunities to socialize, learn, or participate in activities. We are respectful and welcoming to all seniors. The Unlimited Seniors Club is a positive place for seniors who want to boost their quality of life.  

Literacy Unlimited is a partner with two community organizations on the West Island. In Lachine, we are partners with The Teapot. It is a community centre for 50+. They have over 500 members participating in activities, services, and volunteer opportunities. In Ste Anne de Bellevue, our partner is Volunteer West Island. Their mission is to help seniors remain independent. Some of the club’s events take place at The Teapot and Volunteer West Island. Senior members of both partners can join our events.    

To help plan the workshops, we did a survey with Literacy Unlimited’s senior learners. From this survey, we built a program of workshops that seniors are most interested in. 

Literacy-friendly Workshops with Literacy Unlimited (Winter/Spring 2023)

  • Social Teatime  
  • Tech Help  
  • LIVE and LEARN (intellectual wellness) at Volunteer West Island   
  • Cooking Class at The Teapot   
  • Brain Health 101 at The Teapot  
  • Grocery Store Tour at Provigo Kirkland  
  • Chair Exercises
  • Everyday Home Organizing at Volunteer West Island
  • Armchair Travel to Japan
  • LIVE and LEARN (intellectual wellness) at The Teapot
  • Power Snacks

In Brain Health 101, we learned that LEAN is the best protector for our brains: Lifestyle choices, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition. During the Grocery Store Tour, we read nutrition labels. We compared two loaves of bread to see which was healthier. We stretched and moved our bodies during Chair Exercises. Armchair Travel to Japan was a popular workshop. We visited famous sights, wore kimonos, and made Japanese rice balls (onigiri). In Everyday Home Organizing, we learned not to keep boxes longer than three months. In Tech Help, seniors got help with phone apps, email folders, and more. 

“The Unlimited Seniors Club provides great intellectual and social enrichment to seniors on the West Island.”  

“Interesting workshops [and] connections with other seniors.”   

“Thank you for organizing this club. It makes me happy.”

— Unlimited Senior Club members

Thank you to the Facilitators and Volunteers at the Unlimited Seniors Club

The Unlimited Seniors Club is back in the fall with more workshops! Watch our calendar and our blog for the lastest news!

Seniors & Socialization

As a senior, being social helps emotionally, intellectually, and physically. When you are social, you create relationships. You are less isolated and lonely. You are less sad or anxious. Your heart is healthier. Seniors have lower literacy skills compared to other age groups. Are you a senior? Do you have low literacy? This should not stop you from being social! Read more

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