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Julia Chiarella-Genoni: Newest Member of the Literacy Unlimited Board of Directors (yes – we have two new directors!)

Born and raised in Montreal, Julia is a freelance writer and content creator with 20 years of experience. Julia graduated with a degree in English Literature from Concordia University. After she married, she and her husband moved to Milan, Italy, where she worked in fashion, lifestyle, and travel writing. When they returned to Montreal, Julia had three children (one plus twins!). Motherhood gave Julia a topic to write about much closer to her heart. Julia is the founder of, a blog dedicated to family-friendly living covering all parenting subjects, from toddler to teen. Julia is passionate about social media and safety online for children and has given workshops to families about these subjects. Julia also ran a local charity event, Shopping From The Heart, for a decade, giving back to local hospitals that helped her three children when they were born.

She serves Literacy Unlimited as a Member of the Board of Directors, contributing to outreach and events, as well as content creation in the branding subcommittee.

Why is literacy important to me?

Ever since I can remember, I have loved stories. Whether it was learning about people and their experiences, or learning about travel destinations and cultures, stories have shaped my world. I knew I wanted to find a way to become a professional storyteller and that is what I have become with my writing. I could not imagine being unable to share stories with others. Literacy is a basic right that everyone deserves, and it is never too late to discover untapped potential through learning. I am passionate about creating more awareness of how essential Literacy Unlimited is in our community.

Julia Chiarella-Genon, Literacy Unlimited

Connect with Julia on LinkedIn.

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