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Julia Asselstine: New Executive Director at Literacy Unlimited

Literacy Unlimited (LU) is pleased to announce the selection of Julia Asselstine as its new Executive Director, effective August 21, 2023. Ms. Asselstine replaces outgoing Executive Director, Lucy Baum, who will remain with LU as Community Outreach Advocate.  

“Julia brings a blend of leadership acumen, strategic vision, and a heart deeply invested in empowerment,” says Mary Ann Mete, President of Literacy Unlimited. “She is poised to lead the organization into a new era of impact.”   

With a career spanning over 20 years in non-profit and corporate sectors in organizational leadership, strategy and communications, Ms. Asselstine brings a skill set for translating strategic vision into tangible results. At the heart of her leadership, also lies an unwavering belief in the power of literacy to shape lives.

“I’ve always been passionate about enabling individuals to unlock their full potential,” says Ms. Asselstine. “At its core, literacy embodies this aspiration. It serves as the foundation for learning how to learn—a vital component of empowerment and liberation.”

This belief will fuel her efforts in driving growth to help create solutions that address the multifaceted needs of learners. At the helm of Literacy Unlimited, Ms. Asselstine will continue the LU mission of using literacy as a bridge to opportunities, a catalyst for growth, and a force for societal change.  

“With the Board of Directors and the exceptional LU staff, I hope to build upon the strong foundation that Lucy built as the Executive Director over the past eight years,” says Ms. Asselstine. “Together, we will continue to steer the organization towards new horizons, fostering a community where potential is unlocked through the gift of literacy.” 

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