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Dogs and Literacy

Family Literacy is important because it provides the opportunity to develop literacy within the home. As literacy is the basis for all learning and a child’s early education begins in the home, parental involvement is essential for success. Studies show that there is a link between consistent family literacy practices and the development of strong literacy skills. This is reflected in:

  • language development
  • improved reading and writing ability
  • increased confidence
  • general knowledge and skills

These benefits extend to both parents and children – in the home, at school, in the workplace and out in the community.

An added perk – life becomes more fun and family bonds are reinforced! Accomplishing these amazing results isn’t difficult or complicated. (Read more on our Family Literacy Day post from 2022.)

Therapy Dogs and Family Literacy

This fascinating article is on using dogs to help children feel more comfortable reading aloud by reading to a dog.

“The dog provides a nonjudgmental and socially supportive presence, and by staying near and paying attention to the child, the dog provides positive reinforcement that improves both self-esteem and motivation in the child.”

Kids Who Read Out Loud to a Dog See Improved Literacy (Psychology Today.

Would love to know your thoughts on these types of programs.

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