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Annual Report

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2023-2024 Literacy Unlimited Annual Report  (updated Jun 3, 2024)

Financial Statements

Write On - in our learner's words

Each year we ask our learners to contribute to our yearly learner publication, Write On, based on a specific theme. Our learners then write a short statement on how that theme applies to the successes they have made in our tutoring program.

Thank you to all our learners who put pen to paper. A big thank you also goes out to our volunteer tutors who encourage and support Literacy Unlimited’s learners as they work towards their goals.

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 2024 Write On – Literacy Unlimited


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Literacy Unlimited Overview Brochure (electronic version)

2024-2025 Family Literacy – Literacy Unlimited 

2024-2025 Senior Programming – Literacy Unlimited (updated regularly)

*For the full list of upcoming Unlimited Seniors Club workshops, please visit our event page.


Our primary logo is the bilingual, horizontal, full colour logo. Please review use in the Literacy Unlimited Brand Guidelines.

For any questions regarding the use of our logo or brand elements, please contact us at 514-694-0007.



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