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Literacy Workshops for Computers in the West ISland

Computer Workshop Series at L’Equipe Entreprise: Empowering Adults in the West Island with Digital Literacy Skills

Our World Demands Computer Skills.

More companies require online job applications now. Booking medical tests is also moving online. And sometimes, connecting to family and friends involves using a computer (as we learned during lockdown!). Digital literacy is important.

Digital literacy teaches us how to use computers, smartphones, and other interactive tools that surround us. The digital world also changes rapidly, so it is ongoing learning.

We partnered with L’Équipe Entreprise to offer a customized computer literacy workshop series to meet the needs of their participants. Topics in the workshop include improving confidence using a computer, learning about computer safety, and improving computer, internet and email skills.

A Successful First Computer Workshop!

Great start to our workshop with L’Equipe Entreprise on computer literacy! Everyone was engaged and enjoyed the session. Great feedback received after the session and we’ll continue to tailor our content to the participants’ needs…our trademark at Literacy Unlimited!

Mary Ann Mete, one of the volunteer computer tutors (and president of the Literacy Unlimited Board of Directors)

Working with West Island Organizations to Create Customized Literacy Workshops

We work with local organizations in the West Island to create customized literacy courses that meet their needs. Together, we empower adults in the West Island by improving their literacy, which helps make our community stronger!

Digital Literacy in Canada

The following statistics are courtesy of ABC Life Literacy.

  • Around 84% of Canadian jobs require a computer and basic technical skills (Information and Communications Technology Council, 2016).
  • Low-skilled jobs increasingly require a basic level of digital literacy (Essential Skills Ontario).
  • 9% of Canadians do not have internet at home (2015 Ipsos Reid Study).
  • Older adults, and adults with less education, are less likely to have internet at home (2015 Ipsos Reid Study).

Tech Help for 55+ in the West Island

Literacy Unlimited offers a drop-in Tech Help for 55+ (registration required). Our next session is April 4th. For more information, please go here.

The drop-in session is part of our Unlimited Seniors Club. The program offers seniors unlimited opportunities and possibilities, whether it be for socializing, learning, or participating in activities.

Interested in Customized Literacy Workshops for your Organization?

Our Community Programs Coordinator, Ingrid Fischer, will discuss your needs and how we can help. We also offer awareness and sensitization courses for West Island organizations and businesses. For more information, please email Ingrid ( or phone our office: 514-694-0007. (Ingrid is also responsible for our Community Reads! small-scale libraries that provide local organizations with tailored libraries. To read more, click here.)

Literacy Unlimited: Empowering Adults in the West Island with Digital Literacy Skills

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