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Literacy Unlimited's Leslie Carr is awarded the Freda Hudson Volunteer Recognition Award for active volunteers who made a significant contribution to literacy

Celebrating Literacy and Dedication: Leslie Carr Receives the Freda Hudson Volunteer Recognition Award

Literacy Quebec represents 15 community-based literacy organizations dedicated to serving Quebec’s English-speaking population. In 2007, Literacy Quebec inaugurated the Freda Hudson Volunteer Recognition Award, in memory of an extraordinary volunteer whose legacy continues to inspire us. Each year, this award is presented to an active volunteer who has made a significant contribution to literacy, and this year, we are thrilled to announce Literacy Unlimited’s Leslie Carr as the recipient.

The Award: Honouring Freda Hudson’s Legacy

Freda Hudson played a pivotal role in the formation and support of Literacy Quebec, serving as a Director and Chair for many years. Her influence extended to the national level, where she authored several important Canadian publications on literacy. To honour her remarkable contributions, Literacy Quebec presents an award in the form of a beautiful silver pin each year to a volunteer who embodies her spirit and dedication.

The Symbolism of the Pin
Freda Hudson Award for Leslie Carr
Freda Hudson Award

The award pin is designed with a flower image, symbolizing an open book—an emblem of knowledge, learning, and literacy. Freda’s initials are intricately worked into the roots of the design, signifying the strong foundation she laid. The leaves, shaped like wings, symbolize the freedom that comes with knowledge and skills. Crafted in silver, the pin reflects the brilliance of Freda’s contributions to the literacy community.


Leslie Carr: A Decade of Dedication

Leslie Carr has been an invaluable member of Literacy Unlimited since 2014, marking a decade of unwavering commitment to our mission. Her journey with our organization began with a focus on tutoring, a role she has passionately fulfilled for ten years. Leslie’s dedication to her learners has been instrumental in creating a positive and supportive learning environment, fostering the development of essential literacy skills.

Julia Asselstine, Literacy Unlimited’s Executive Director, has this to say:

Through her tutoring, bridge-building, fundraising, and contributions to our robust Board governance, Leslie Carr has transformed countless lives. Her impact over the past ten years extends far and wide, making this award truly well deserved.


Beyond Tutoring: A Multifaceted Contribution

Leslie’s contributions extend far beyond her tutoring responsibilities. She served as the Vice President of our Board until this year when her mandate ended and is one of our most passionate advocates for community awareness, attending numerous outreach events. Leslie also played a crucial role in onboarding new tutors and Board members, demonstrating her commitment to the growth and success of Literacy Unlimited. Remarkably, she dedicates at least 10 hours a week to volunteering.

Impact and Recognition

Leslie’s enthusiasm for maintaining relationships and engaging with the community has significantly increased the visibility of Literacy Unlimited. Her comprehensive support and multifaceted contributions have been vital to our organization’s success. Reflecting on her time with us, Leslie highlights the impactful and lasting interactions with her learners. The joy she experiences from witnessing their reading successes underscores the profound difference she has made in their lives.

Honouring Leslie Carr

Leslie Carr epitomizes the qualities and spirit the Freda Hudson Volunteer Recognition Award seeks to honour. Her unwavering dedication to literacy, active involvement in organizational activities, and ability to create meaningful experiences for her learners highlight her commitment to making a positive impact on those in need.

A Virtual Message

Mayor Jim Beis (Pierrefonds-Roxboro) had the honour of presenting the award to Leslie. In keeping with modern times, he delivered the award virtually as he was attending a conference. You can watch his heartfelt speech below.

Heather Sakowski, Interim Executive Director at Literacy Quebec, was present at the ceremony and is pictured in the banner (right) with Leslie.

Join us in celebrating Leslie Carr’s incredible achievements and her decade-long commitment to Literacy Unlimited. Her dedication and passion are a true testament to the enduring spirit of volunteerism and the profound impact one individual can make in the field of literacy.

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