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Boost Your Online Learning with Document Cameras!

Today, everyone is tutoring online. But how do tutors make learning as engaging, effective, and active for a learner in the online world? Document cameras!

At Literacy Unlimited, document cameras are one of the secrets to great online tutoring and learning. With a document camera, tutors and their students can engage in participatory, multisensory, active learning.

Using a document camera in our tutoring sessions has been a game changer.

Sue, Literacy Unlimited Tutor

Using a document camera in an online session is more than just sharing a static image or text. Document cameras open a window in your online class where action takes place in real time! Tutors and students can watch each other read, annotate texts, write, draw, and manipulate real objects as if they were sitting side by side.

Here’s why document cameras are perfect for online learning:

  • Live Action as You Learn: Imagine having a view of the book, notepad, worksheet, sticky note, flashcards, experiment, or game that a tutor is using in an online session. That’s the magic of a document camera—it can bring everything to life on the shared screen in real time, making it easier for everyone to follow along, understand and learn.
  • More Talking as You Learn: Imagine discussing a topic as a tutor takes notes. With a document camera, a tutor can show everyone what they are writing or drawing as you talk without interrupting the flow of the conversation. Students can engage more with the discussion and gain more understanding using this visual cue.
  • Sharing Without Limits: Imagine you are a student and want to share your work with a tutor. These cameras are so simple to use. You can easily plug them into a laptop and start sharing. Being able to see what a student does, how they read, how they write, how they problem solve is key to great teaching.
  • Multisensory Learning: Everybody learns differently. Document cameras allow tutors to incorporate different learning techniques and styles into their sessions! Tutors can zoom in, change colours, and use lots of different learning activities to ensure they meet every students’ needs.

Using document cameras in an online class makes learning better for everyone. It helps tutors better connect with students. It makes learning more exciting and active. So, next time you are in an online class and see a document camera, prepare for a fun learning experience!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money and buy a document camera (although we do love the IPEVO series). You can also make one yourself using your smartphone camera and some household items. Watch this fun video to find out how:

Learn More:

If you enjoyed the videos in this post, why not check out our document camera YouTube series here. Explore how document cameras can transform your online sessions in seven short modules. With step-by-step instructions and awesome videos, tips and tricks, we demonstrate how to turn your online session into an active, engaging, and effective learning experience.


Volunteer with Literacy Unlimited and use a document camera in your online tutoring! For details please click here.

*The photo in the header image was graciously provided by IPEVO. Thank you!

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