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Over $13,000 raised for English language literacy tutoring for adults in the West Island thanks to Air Canada matching all donations to Literacy Unlimited’s Annual Appeal fundraising campaign!


You Helped Raise $13,456 to Solve Literacy

Our Annual Donor Appeal Campaign was successful due to the generous donations we received from many of our supporters and with Air Canada matching those donations, we were able to raise a grand total of $13,456.00.

Literacy is a hidden issue. It is important to talk about it. People with low literacy are not alone. We have resources to help them reach their dreams and goals. Solving literacy helps people participate fully in society. By solving literacy, you are improving lives and our community

Thank you!

Transforming Lives with Improved Adult Literacy

Low literacy skills impact all aspects of people’s lives. And this can result in shame. People with low literacy may feel alone and invisible. They do not talk about their literacy, choosing to hide it. Low literacy is a solvable issue. Thanks to you, we have helped adults like Colette transform their lives.

Now I have a soul, a face.

Colette, Literacy Unlimited learner

Free One-On-One English Language Literacy in the West Island

Roughly 40% of our community have low literacy. To help improve literacy in adults, Literacy Unlimited offers free one-on-one English tutoring for adults in the West Island. Also, we provide training and workshops to the community and provide support in the English adult education centres.

Air Canada Supports Literacy Unlimited Adult Literacy Tutoring Program
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