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Literacy Quebec is the umbrella organization that connects and represents all the English community-based literacy organizations in Quebec.

LQ Academy

In time for International Literacy Day, Literacy Quebec has launched LQ Academy, a collection of eLearning courses.

Literacy Quebec has split its original Literacy and Clear Language 101 into three foundational courses with added content.

The foundational courses are:

  • Lit 101: Exploring Literacy
  • Lit 102: Supporting Adults with Low Literacy Skills
  • Lit 103: Practising Clear Writing and Design

More courses will be added in the coming months.

LQ Academy is designed for anyone who wants to explore a wide range of literacy-related topics. If you interact with the general public, create communications material, or are just curious about literacy, you should check them out!

Articles about Literacy

Why we avoid using the term “illiteracy”

Literacy Works: It’s Time to Cancel “Illiteracy” – Why We Don’t Say “Illiterate”

We will continue to add more resources to this page.

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