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Literacy is the key to success.

Success Unlocked

To succeed in the world you need to read it – applications for housing, jobs, financing and social services; medications; health and safety notices; transit signs; accessing knowledge of any kind. Reading spells success.

Literacy Unlimited

Our mission is to unlock a vital key to success and quality of life – literacy – for English-speaking adults across the West Island region.

Literacy Unlimited builds adult English language literacy through free, one-on-one, tailored tutoring services delivered in-person and online and through a variety of high-impact community and workplace-based education, programs and partnerships.

“The tutoring sessions are helping with reading, particularly at work.”

“People understand me. I am reading more easily. Now I have the confidence to participate more easily at work in conversations.”

“I think I feel a little more confident. Every bit of knowledge is a plus.”

Thank you to our major partners

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