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Free Reading and Writing Tutoring in English for Adults in the West Island

Literacy Unlimited is a community organization in Montreal’s West Island dedicated to improving adult English language literacy through custom-tailored tutoring services and community education, programs, and partnership.


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Family Fun for Family Literacy Day – Saturday, January 28

Family Literacy Day at Pointe-Claire Public Library – Join the Fun


Pointe-Claire Public Library 100 Douglas-Shand Ave, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 4V1


Saturday, January 28 from 10am to 12pm
(You can stay as long as you want or just drop by and say hello and grab some worksheets to take home).


  • Children’s book author Richard Dagenais will read from his books (English)
  • Arts & crafts (French & English)
  • Handouts to take home (French & English)

Register here – Optional (or Drop-in!) / Inscription – Facultatif (Ouvert à tous!)

Read more about Family Literacy Day and our event here.

Empowering Lives Through Improved Adult Literacy

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  • Seniors and Socialization
    Why be social? As a senior, being social helps you emotionally, intellectually, and physically. When you are social, you create relationships. You are less isolated and lonely. You are less sad or anxious. Your heart is healthier. Seniors have lower literacy skills compared to other age groups. Are you a senior? Do you have low literacy? This should not stop …
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    Upcoming events with Literacy Unlimited include the Under the Cover Fundraiser, a Family Literacy Day event, a special book launch, and workshops for seniors.
  • Joanna Goodman Mini-Interview
    Joanna Goodman talks to Trudie Mason about some of the influences for Joanna’s books in this short peek for Literacy Unlimited’s Under the Cover online fundraiser, on February 8th (7pm-8:30pm). Read Joanna’s books before spending the evening with her: Divided by their past, united by love. 1992: French-Canadian factions renew Quebec’s fight to gain independence, and wild, beautiful Véronique Fortin, …
  • Family Fun on Family Literacy Day
    What is family literacy? Family literacy involves the whole family in learning activities. This includes reading but also other fun activities like puzzles, games, and arts and crafts. Family literacy strengthens family relationships and encourages learning. Why is family literacy important? *Source: ABC Life Literacy What is Family Literacy Day Family Literacy Day raises awareness of the importance of family …
  • Tickets Are Live for our Under the Cover Fundraiser
    Purchase your tickets for our Under the Cover fundraiser All the information is available on our Under the Cover webpage. Spend an evening with a Canadian novelist and raise funds to support free adult literacy tutoring in the West Island. Literacy Unlimited is proud to present Under the Cover, a conversation with a Canadian author about books, the writing process, and …
  • Dogs and Literacy
    Family Literacy is important because it provides the opportunity to develop literacy within the home. As literacy is the basis for all learning and a child’s early education begins in the home, parental involvement is essential for success. Studies show that there is a link between consistent family literacy practices and the development of strong literacy skills. This is reflected …

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